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VIP Buyer Program with cashback!

  December 30, 2016   Kevin Boughen

When you chose me as your Buyer's Agent, I am paid in the form of a commission, payable by the Seller, when you purchase of a property listed on the MLS system. The most common commission rate offered to a Buyer's Agent is 2.5% of the final purchase price. When you join my VIP Cashback Program, you can receive up to 1%* of the final sale price, back in cash.

For example, when you join my VIP Cashback Program, and purchase a $700,000 home listed on the MLS System with a 2.5% Buyer Agent commission, I will send you a cheque for $7,000.00 after the successful closing of the transaction. WIth a $900,000 purchase price, you would receive a $9000.00 cashback cheque.

Joining my VIP Cashback Program is easy

Step 1 - Contact me by filling out the Contact Form on the Buyer Page of this website, or, email me at and ask to join my VIP Cashback Program.

Step 2 - I will email you a 90 day Buyer’s Representation Agreement and a Financing Pre-Approval Agreement, for your online review and authorization. There is no cost to you for either of these Agreements. These Agreements do confirm that I will be your Agent for your purchase and that you have your financing pre-approved.

Step 3 - You will receive a daily email with new MLS listings in your chosen search area, and with your requested parameters. This is the best way to keep on top of the market with new listings and price changes, so you NEVER miss a new listing, and you will see it before it's on the public website! If any of the listings interest you, let me know and I will prepare for a viewing.

When you join my VIP Cashback Program, you receive Full Service Buyer Representation including the following...

Market Evaluation of Properties you are interested in

I will evaluate the properties you are interested in, determining if  they are correctly priced or not. I will send you the property's history, as well as recent sales information, giving you my professional experienced opinion on the market value.

Property Viewings;When you find a property you would like to view, I arrange the viewing, meet you at the property, and tour the property with you. If you have any specific property questions, I research the answers for you.

Offer Preparation and Presentation

When you are ready to make an Offer, we discuss the details, including, price, deposit, closing date, conditions etc. Once the details of your Offer are decided, I prepare the Purchase Agreement for your authorization and make arrangements to present the Offer to the Seller. There are often negotiations back and forth, until we reach a final accepted sale. Of course, we may also not end up with a final accepted sale if the Buyer and Seller are too far apart.

Fulfilment of Conditions

If the Offer is accepted, and contains conditions, such as a home inspection, I will accompany you and the home inspector on the home inspection date. This date will occur within the conditional period (which is typically 3 business days from the offer acceptance date) and typically takes 3-4 hours. If we find any deficiencies with the property, we will discuss how you would like to proceed. Options can include cancelling the sale, preparing an amendment to ask the seller to fix some of the issues, a request for a price reduction, or, we can firm up the deal by sending the Seller a Waiver or Notice Of Fulfillment.

Home Visitations

Offers often contain a Buyer’s right to visit your soon-to-be home on (2) occasions before closing. I accompany you during these 2 visits.

Closing Date

Congratulations! It’s time to pick up your keys and start enjoying your new home. Should you have any questions, you can continue to reach out to me directly.

Receive your 1% Cashback Cheque In the Mail

Your 1%* Cashback Cheque will be mailed to you, as soon as the Buyer’s Agent commission is received by our Brokerage.*This Cashback is being offered from Kevin Boughen and not other licensees of One Percent Realty. 1% Cashback is based on MLS Properties Offering 2.5% or more Commission to the Co-Operating Brokerage. If the Commission offered is between 2.5% and 1.5%, then rebate amount will be reduced proportionately. For example, if the property is offering 2% commission, the rebate amount to you will be 0.5% of the final purchase price. If the commission offered is 1.5% or less, then no rebate applies. This rebate doesn’t apply to any properties listed by One Percent Realty Ltd. This Rebate is subject to the commission funds being received by One Percent Realty Ltd. & paid to the Salesperson after Completion of Sale. Not Intended To Induce Breach of an Existing Buyer or Seller Contract.