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Sell your home for just $7950*

  December 28, 2017   Kevin Boughen

Hire me to sell your home and I will do the same, if not more, to sell your home as traditional Agents, and I will SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS while doing so. Sell your home for only $7,950!*. No upfront fees, if you do not sell you do not pay!

One Percent Realty has streamlined the entire home selling process, cutting out all of the fluffy, frilling things that only cost money but no longer work to sell homes. One Percent Realty is embracing technology to its fullest making it possible for people to sell their homes at a fraction of the cost of traditional Agents/Brokers.

The way real estate is being bought and sold is changing rapidly. One Percent Realty is leading the way and saving Sellers thousands of dollars.

Being a permanent resident in Durham, I have a genuine interest and commitment to providing unsurpassed Real Estate services. Whether you are selling or buying, I will help you every step of the way, paying attention to every detail, providing you with the assurance of a complete and professional approach to today’s real estate market.

What I will do to sell your home

  • Free Market Evaluation
  • Full Exposure on the MLS® Multiple Listing Service
  • World Wide Internet Exposure on 100’s of websites
  • Social Media Exposure including Facebook and Instagram
  • Interior and Exterior Digital Photos
  • Full cooperation with prospective Buyers & other Realtors
  • Full assistance negotiating the best price and terms in an offer
  • Assisting in the Completion & Possession process
  • Local Flyer Advertising
  • Open Houses
  • Yard Signage
  • Professional, Experienced REALTOR® at a Fraction of the Commission

I am up to date in all various market conditions in Durham and use modern technology & marketing skills that WORK. Being a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board enables me to effectively market your home on the MLS® system, REALTOR.CA, MLS.CA, and literally thousands of other websites insuring that no matter where a buyer searches, your home will be there. Also, I use many different social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram, to name a few. Post cards and “Just Listed” flyers are delivered in your community & neighbourhood to properly market and sell your home to potential purchasers.

I will help you determine the correct listing price, list your home on the MLS® system, enter the listing on the website, take professional interior and exterior digital photos, install a house for sale sign, advertise your property where the Buyers are looking, show your home to prospective Buyers, arrange showings with other real estate agents, provide you advice and assistance along the way, assist you with negotiating all offers, correspond with other real estate agents, inspectors, lenders, appraisers etc. and see the sale through every single step of the way to ensure a successful completion and closing. Our goal, like yours, is to sell your home!

Why our business model works

Prior to the Internet, Buyers used to get in the back seat of a real estate agent’s car and go on a tour of homes. The agent would have his/her MLS® catalogue of homes which he was not allowed to give Buyer’s a copy of. REALTORS® controlled MLS® information. This is simply not the way it happens anymore.
Nowadays with the Internet, consumers are empowered and in much more control of their new home search. Over 85% of Canadians who search for a home start their search on the Internet. Whether Buyers are looking for properties themselves on, or being automatically emailed MLS®

properties directly from their REALTOR®, nowadays Buyer’s often know as much or more about their particular market and the homes for sale in it as their REALTOR® does. This is not a slight on other agents, but the buyer basically has access to MLS® and can check the internet 20 times a day, and their agent will not be doing that, no matter who they are. These changes in technology and Buyer behaviour created the opportunity for One Percent Realty to flourish. When a Buyer sees a home that meets their criteria and is their dream home, they do not ask “How much commission is being paid here.” It’s not of concern to the potential Buyer. The Buyer is concerned with number of bedrooms, bathrooms, location, schools, and obviously the price. Our listings are displayed everywhere that all the other listings are. If you are a buyer looking in a given neighbourhood in a given price range (which is basically all of them), then you will want to see every listing in that neighbourhood in your price range. With the Buyer now in the driver’s seat, as a much more sophisticated consumer, the real estate marketplace has changed forever.

*How Does The Commission Work?

The concept behind One Percent Realty is that we provide you full service but with a discounted commission. For that full service on MLS® we charge just $7,950 for all homes under $700,000 and for homes over $700,000 we charge 1% plus $950. The $950 covers the typical disbursement costs to marketing and selling your home. $3,000 of that $6,950 is offered to the real estate agent that is working for the buyer.

How much can you Save?


Will Other Agents Show My Home

Yes! This is a Seller’s market! Over 85% of our listings are sold by Cooperating REALTORS® representing the Buyer. This is right in line with the industry standard.

You Owe it to Yourself & Your Hard Earned Equity

Spending $20,000-$40,000 or more to sell your home is a lot of money. If you are thinking about selling your home, call your traditional agent that you used last time, but this time also call me to compare my services and commission rates. Being full service agent, I provide a free no obligation market evaluation just like the other guys. Please don’t let someone else tell you about me, or our system; let me tell you exactly what I will do to sell your home. You and your hard earned money will be glad you did.

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